Hertfordshire Biker Magazine

Hi all, have just come across this new magazine advertised in my local rag published by Hertfordshire County Council, written by bikers, the police and the council for us yokel bikers.

Has some pretty good articles about buying bikes and equipment, maintenance, riding skills, bike safe training, interview with Troy Corser


…maps showing where all the cameras in Herts can be found

Info on these can be found at www.hertsdirect.org/safetycameras

I got my free copy by calling the road safety unit on 01992 556 800

Not sure what the future publication frequency or fee will be but will keep you posted…

Nice one hun,

mag looks god and camera locations are well handy! Will definately get more copies!

Where in Herts do you live?

I am Welwyn Garden City and can be seem briefly on the A1 on my way to and from work each day

After I got my tomtom camera thing I know where everysingle camera in London is. Even the ones that are only obsevatory ones. Sometimes I get myself looking around and trying to find the one that Tomtom is beeping on my years to realize that it was a security one…Better safer than sorry

me too! Although coming from St Albans :slight_smile:


I’m in Broxbourne and can be mainly seen on the M25 and A1 travelling to Wembley!

I’m in Hertford, use the B158 to the A1 then A1 to sterling crn.

Hi Karen - thanks for this post - very useful - I too live in Herts. - Cheshunt

Me too, I’m from Bishop’s Stortford, living in Spain at the moment though, but back in Stortford in a couple of months! Just can’t ride until I’m 16 back in the UK

Hertfordshirebikers.com…lol! Nah…just cant beat the real thing

I’m in Turnford, just up from Cheshunt…anyone fancy a ride from this way to meets etc just pm me

(Normally do Cubana from Wembley though)

I am in Watford.

I went to a great little country pub in Ayoy St laurence at teh weekend.

Down some serioulsy winding country lanes and nota car in site.

Had about a 30 min ride without the helmet pootling along at 15mph chatting to the birds and feeling pretty good about life

If anyone fancies a quick rip up the A1 followed but a beer in a nice country local then let me know

Have fun