Hero Go Pro 5 motorsports test shots

I convinced my mate to spend £160 on the HeroMotorsports camera and we took it in turns to do chase shots. Other videos were made today but they need “editing” if you know what I mean :wink:.

Also took the chance to compare the differences in our riding styles and machines. I firmly maintain that the Blade is a 600cc chassis with a 900cc motor stuck in it.

Suffice to say, it was interesting to see how different our riding styles are based on the engine notes and lean angle.

I’d like to say that the footage was converted to mpeg firstly before edited which can account for the loss of quality - youtube compresses it even further.

The original AVI file is the dog’s ******** and that’s all i have to say! Infinitely better than ATC2K… if you want the setup, I’d definitely suggest getting the WIDE + motorsports mount. The fisheye wide angle lens does give a very good impression of speed.

hehe good bit was went the blade was following and you went under the bridge, cool… :slight_smile:

You mate on the CBR600 has he got something like a quick shifter or is he using the clutch on the upshift? sounds like something going on. Ask him to try clutchless upshifts… :slight_smile:

My mate on the cbr600 is a bit of newbie. I’ve offered him some mechanics lessons after exams such as doing oil changes, brakes, chain tensioning etc. I’ve told him about clutchless shifts etc but he’s got his clutch adjustment way out; explained to him that he’ll wear out his clutch plates. You need to PROPERLY yank the lever in before the clutch disengages which probably explains why his upshifts sound laboured. I notice it big time when he’s pulling away from my house in 1st. But he takes stuff in well and being an army lad, never one to back down from a challenge and takes criticism well. To be honest, he’s realistically only been riding 8 months and is bloody fast so I’ve told him not to get overconfident - I’ve had my fair share of low speed accidents that have shaken my confidence, which he hasn’t experienced yet.

Anyway, here’s a second Vid - the guided tour of campus lol! Camera’s mounted on my mate’s CBR, chasing me on the blade.

It’s a private road of course which is why it doesn’t register on google earth/maps!

CBR 600 vs 929 part 2