Here's some pic's of my bike.. Sorry if there too big !!

If its possible can someone photoshop the fairing and rear mud gaurd and make them red… thinking of getting them sprayed

That’s a mint bike mate! really cool! Bring it to the Cubanas meeting on Wednesday

As Cezar says, it’s mint, looks very nice! Hope to see you and it soon.

Nah im joking nice R1 and welcome to LB mate

Nice R1 mate i had a 99 R1 and loved it !! but im a Stealth man now

Very sweet bike I like that a lot! Welcome to Lb!

Nice Ar$e1… of all the incarnations I like that shape oh and erm welcome

thanks for the replys… if someone who has photoshop would do the bottom fairing/the rear mud guard red for me that would be great

R1s rule which ever generation they are if i had the money id buy one like that & put it in my garage, future classic

V quick job with the help of