here we go again

Here we go again, today i had a meeting with the boss at the office after work which is not normal. Well today he told me that it looks like the firm is going to fold unless we get more work as we only have 1 job on which starts on Monday for 12 weeks. He is peed off with work as every time he wins a job they ask him to do it vertually for nothing and in some jobs loosing money which is not the way to go.
This super dooper work we were going to get has back fired on him and that’s why i bought a van which is now no good to me with no work. But you never know that something might turn up and we’ll keep on going.
This happened to us 2 years ago and we got through it when more work came in but this time it is worse out there. So i am on holiday in 8 weeks and when i get back i might not have a job to go to.
I don’t know if this does happen what i will do next as i am fed up with the building game in general.

what does your company do exactly?
if you are in the building industry and you’re a building contractor, best advice i could give you if you loose your job is get yourself a van and start working freelance.
i work in the interior design industry and the hardest thing to find at the moment is some good honest people you can rely on to do the job properly.
get on with recommendations and words of mouth, you’ll be able to stand on your feet. and if you decide to go for it, dont forget to send me your number as i would have some jobs for you on a regular basis.

good luck with your company anyway, maybe things will turn out for the best :wink:

thats sh1t john… :frowning: (sorry i cant say/offer anything more)

Sorry to hear this; I hope it’s a false alarm and more work comes in.

SilveR6 - I think John’s a plumber.

Fingers crossed for you john that it picks up in time. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that John, things often change at the last minute.

Sorry to hear this JP. The recession may be over but it’s legacy will last a long time.

I’m unlikely to hear of any industry gas fitting jobs, but if I do I’ll let you know. Fingers crossed things will improve for you.

Sorry to hear this - it’s tough for a lot of people right now and far more competitive. I do hope things work out for you and that the firm gets more work quickly.

Sorry to hear it mate. A lot of my mates in the building game just had to get out, your average run of the mill English bloke with a wife and two kids and a mortgage can’t compete with 10 eastern europeans living in a 2 up 2 down in terms of what pay they can live on.

It is now official that i won’t have a job in September.

I’m really very sorry to hear this. That doesn’t give you very long to get something else and it’s extremely tough news for you and the family.

Best of luck with finding something soon. I hope you have some kind of redundancy package to tide you over.

Take care


wow thats a crapper, at least you have a few months to find something.

That offer is still open if you want it mate. let me know in more detail what you do and I will pass on.

good luck fella

Cheers sleeper and i will let you know.

I was talking to my mate who we have worked together for 23 years and we are thinking on getting together and starting a company in industrial and domestic plumbing and heating which i have had before so looks like i am going back.
The thing is that the firm that is making me redundant was mine a few years ago and i gave it away as i was fed up in paper work and especially when i found myself doing paper work on christmas day which peed the family off. But the guy i gave it to has fooked up and put it in this position. So i am starting up from scratch again but i won’t be doing paper work on christmas day any more.
We won’t start anything till September when i get back from holiday and once it is set up anyone who needs any work done can call me and i will sort it out.

So here’s for the future.

Sorry to hear the crap news JP, but starting your own company all the best dude. If you need anything just let me know.

Goodluck matey!! The construction industry has been hit well bad by this recession and the extremely low prices companies are winning tenders on as a result of the recession doesn’t appear to be easing up in the slightest!! If you’re a property developer with money at the moment, you’d be raking it in right about now!!