here they come

Got my first two arriving in two weeks, then 4 more with calf, and finally one bull to give them a good seeing to so I will have another 6 by next april.

arent they just so cute… but you just dont want to be getting in the way of those horns.

Now where did I put me saddle…


Very nice:D

Gosh this makes me feel hungry! When’s the Barby then?

heilan coos! :slight_smile:

funky vaches! :smiley:

Don’t forget these don’t have tyre pressures they have hooves that need to be kept trimmed… and if you try to get ya knee down on one of those you’ll probably get a horn up your jacksy :smiley:

There’s a place not far away from Brands that used to have some of them in a field.

Whenever we were down that way a ex would insist we pop down for a look.

5 star cute.

that had me laughing ang… I though thats what the bull was for to pump them up for a bit of knee down action…or was the knee down for the sheep…wont be getting sheep hate the things…

also got a load of goats coming too but need to make the fence goat proof…6 foot high and solid…bloody things can get out of colditz…

So when are you going to organise a rideout to the farm for a kiddies day out?

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

hey lustfish, I am right next to the pirbright bends, if you do them its worth dropping in to my place…thats as long as I am here and not on me bike somewhere…and I have one or two toys to play with here…only big kids toys mind…

Here moving 600 tons and more of soil today…but hope to go to see that fella off on his wlid 55,000 mile ride tomorrow…will see if I can complete the work today, if not will have to finish tomorrow. talking ot which i had better get back to it…tea done…

Holy cow!! :smiley:

Yummy yummy roast lunch.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww mate they are sooooo luvverly i used to bottle feed them if we had any that hadnt suckled on to mum bless!(can tell i grew up on a farm can’t ya):smiley:


Steady on there Wasp, you’ll be telling us you was a good Convent girl next :D:):wink:

Nice Cows there 2Strokes, let me know when you get the Goats, were have a rideout up to you and I’ll make us all a curry :slight_smile:

Where you thinking of Ginger then :D:D:D


first cow I slaughter will be Mabel in likely 2 years…so a while away yet…but will invite everyone for a barbie then…home grown beef…yummy all organic too…

Hey wasp, your welcome to come and visit, get tel to bring you over…I wont have the calves for about another 2 months…I want to get at last used to the adults first then get some of the youngsters…

But to be fair they have to be the cutest of all the cows out there…they are such beauties, I promised myself 27 years ago and am very very nearly there…still got the picture of the calf that made me determined to have some one day…from one of the wildlife parks longleat or somewhere…

any advice you can offer Wasp, will be most gratefully received I am a complete novice to cows…