here she is....

the triple is now roulette green, looks v nice, different for me too:D love it


Very nice, now we know why you didnt come out today, the paint isnt dry yet:D

lol, the panels were all fine lol, ive kept the nuclear red ones and gonna put them in the loft…:wink:

oh and i replaced the engine bolts too…:slight_smile:

shes into trimoto tommorrow for lots of jobs lol before wales…:smiley:

Very nice:D

you’re still calling them that? :stuck_out_tongue:

yes i am lol!:slight_smile:

How is scootabike at taking kerb related dents out of Daytona pipes?

lol, omg what have you two been up to on BB2?:P:w00t:

Playing kerb-jumping. PJ knows all about it:P