Here she is....

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…

She is mighty perty! Nice wheels.

will be nicer with some rimtape :wink:

Than-Q Zeus…although the wheels seem to be thinner then normal I love them!

lol…remember i posted a topic on that…had too many -tive comments about rimtape! so opted against it lol

She looks shiny shiny new!!! Enjoy her!!:slight_smile:

You can see from the floor i gave her a good scrubbing. :slight_smile:

Would be better with a bigger engine :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice:)

Please get out of the habit of leaving your lid on your seat like that please. It always makes me cringe:doze:

Very nice mate.

I never leave it like that…it was just for the photoshoot. But I see what you mean.

nice one mate!!:smiley:


lol…thanks for that pic :hehe:

Very nice bike, rim tape would just spoil it:)

nice have fun.