here it is.. GYMKHANA 4


brilliant as always!!

Top driving, and although it was meant as hunour, didn’t you prefer it when it was just about him driving the car? Great advert though. If you’ll excuse me, I need to finish my can of Monster and go buy some DCs…

i would be impressed if was done in 1 shot but judging all the tyre marks i dont think so.

I don’t know, but I “think” based on his earlier work, that is one shot, and the tyres marks are from previous practice runs. I don’t know on this one, but that is how his earlier works were done.

I am about to go pick up a new fiesta…might try this on the way home :smiley:

Love it, I would watch more adverts if they were all like this.

cracking make sure you film it, i got an older mk4 zetec fiesta here maybe try it in that, lol.

he is good there is no doubt about that but never seen him in WRC etc so as long as he can do practice runs he will be ok.

I tried on the way home!

But what with it being a 1.4 5 door automatic couldn’t quite get the wheel spin going :frowning:

Nice cars Kaos, hope you enjoy it.

And don’t you worry, Ken’s is only a 2.0L ecoboost! Just happens to have 600bhp :smiley:

Interestingly, did you know that he’s one of the founders of DC shoes and not just a racing driver who won a drive with them?

Even just the short drive back from the showroom it was nice. Very comfortable with a nice stereo system, cruise control, bluetooth to the phone and a usb music device plugged in.

Quite impressed, though I suspect given time I will find the issues with it, that exist with all cars.