here goes the first attempt at some piccies

A few pics of your newly acquired, very own, riding sex God!

(I’m setting myself up for a fall aren’t I? )



my plaything.jpg


Good first attempt at posting pictures, they came out well. I`m still learning myself. That looks like the entry to Coppice at Donington Park. Where is the 2nd picture taken, that looks like you could have a lot of fun there.

It is the entry to Copice. Well spotted.

The second is in Dubai. Not long after it was taken I cleared a nice big dune just to find that it fell away to nothing on the other side. Landing it badly compressed my spine and had me floored. Being 3 hours from any civilisation meant that I had to get back on a struggle home

Bloody hard work that kind of bike on soft dune sand

Well done! Looks good! and quite warm too…

Them dunes look very good fun, shame about the accident, bet the ride home was a nightmare…

You have no idea mate! Crawling naked, belly down, over broken glass and salt all the way home wouldn’t have hurt much more

Once in the safety of my hotel, I couldn’t even get into a bath

What was worse was that I had the flight home to catch that night

(Thank God for BA’s fold flat beds and Ibuprofen )

Hardly fair you’re racing against people half your height though



With a bike like that (1st & 3rd pic that is), you can be my sex god any day… Not to mention sex slave… (Damn, did I say that out loud?)

Amazing story and you survived. A mate of mine had a bike shop in Dubai and he used to describe some of the off road antics that went on, quite horrifying some of them. On the roads it was easy to get carried away on the beautiful mountain sectios as well. Again getting stuck miles from anywhere.

Glad you’re back MM.


Great pictures Popeye! Especially the Dubai one, that’s pretty hardcore

cheers, it was excellent right up to my wipe out

After taking the pic of me, my mate turned round and took this in the direction of the route home.

What you have to be aware off when cresting dunes is 4x4’s doing similar shit on the other side


dubai 2.jpg