Herd a rumour

That the SM lot are tight ar*e mothers :stuck_out_tongue:


Every penny helps


Its no rumour Tel, they are tight wads, thats why SMs have such small tanks:DNo idea on the concept of their mums back passages being restricted but I`m sure someone on here has the experience and bravado to dish the dirt:PWhats more none of these individuals have the balls to venture south of the river on Sun 25th, THE BIG ONE:w00t:

Although, admittedly I’m not long for the SuMo world -
Bugger off back to your own “touring is an old man’s game part of the forum” :wink:

We can all be retired swingers y’know!

Hey we need to be tight, you try running a moto… need to be even tighter if its a KTM :w00t::hehe:And Jetstream id well and truly smash out that venture down south if i was in the area, show all you other bikers how its done and even provide abit of entertainment, ask Mel and the others that i went for a ride to the beach with they’ll fill you in ;):hehe: Actualy you’ve already had a taster before :PAnd i certainly dont wana know about my mums back passage but if that floats ur boat u crack on :w00t::hehe:Luv ya :stuck_out_tongue: