Henley Regatta

Hi,from a personal contact I can offer tickets for the sold-out Henley Ragatta. Please do only contact me if you have honest interest. Please no sales on Ebay, I think you understand that I don’t want to loose my good relationships. If you want to know more, please send me a telephone number.

Here are more informations:

Tickets for each day for the Henley Regatta Steward’s Enclosure

Wed July 1 2 £25

Thursday July 2 2 £30

Friday July 3 3 £45

Saturday July 4 3 £50

Sunday July 5 4 £35

Information on the Stewards’ Enclosure

The Stewards’ Enclosure

Situated on the Berkshire bank near the finish of the Course, this is a private Enclosure and admission is only available to Members and their Guests. There are three Grandstands as well as many rows of deckchairs along the river frontage.
Luncheons and teas are obtainable and there is also a Seafood Restaurant serving throughout the day.
In addition there are a number of licensed bars including a Champagne and Oyster Bar.
Those attending the Regatta in the Stewards’ Enclosure must dress in accordance with long-established tradition. Gentlemen are required to wear lounge suits, or jackets or blazers with flannels, and a tie or cravat. Ladies are required to wear dresses or suits with a hemline below the knee and will not be admitted wearing divided skirts, culottes or trousers of any kind. Ladies are encouraged to wear hats - click here for more information. Similarly, no one will be admitted to the Stewards’ Enclosure wearing shorts or jeans. Members are particularly asked to bring this custom to the attention of their Guests, to ensure that the standards are maintained and to avoid the possibility of embarrassment of a Guest being refused admission.
The use of mobile telephones is prohibited within the Stewards’ Enclosure. This is to minimise the disturbance and annoyance that mobile telephones cause to other Members and their Guests.
Children under the age of 10 years and babies are not admitted to the Stewards’ Enclosure.

Bye, Carsten



Hi could you call me urgently re. tickets for friday 3rd July. Thanks. Susan 07590 443111

Hi, please call me urgently, for tickets for Sat 4th! Thanks! :smiley: 07961652049

guess ya get turfed out turning up in leathers then :smiley:


I had problem with posting. All tickets are sold out.



Ahhhh I should have looked on here earlier as I could have thrown in my Leander tickets too…2 for each day plus the members badge that gives you access for the whole week as this is the first time in years that I won’t be attending/competing at HRR. Oh well.

Hey Miss Vanda,

I still know people who are interested.Send me a pm with your contacts.


Do you still have contact for Stewards Enclosure at Henley? Want tickets for Saturday 2 July.


Do you still have contact for Stewards Enclosure at Henley? Want tickets for Saturday 2 July.

Do you have any left for the Sunday? Or does anyone else on here have any available?


hi there again!, i did try to email you last week about tickets for henley regatta, i am 100% serious and can meet up and pay for tickets, do u have any available left at all??

thanks again

sally , tel 07850 965599

Use the PM function to send your phone number Sally - there’s too many weirdos on here! :slight_smile:

Plus you are only 2 years too late for the tickets :stuck_out_tongue:


cmd - shift - 3…

I guess this is a Mac users in-joke :w00t:

Hi,I replied to all pm’s. Next year please contact me two month’s before the event and I will try my best.

Have a good weekend


Hi do u have tickets left for this Friday 29th for stewarts enclosure?

If so can you please email me asap on [email protected]. I am looking for 2-4 tickets