Hels' Triumph Street Triple R - GONE!!!

Dear London Bikers - I am devastated to tell you that my Triumph Street Triple R - LB10 HRB (private plate) has been stolen from South London this morning! It was secured with a ground anchor, almax series three, behind a wall inside a front yard. The almax had been cut through - not sure how this happened.The bike is matt grey, 2010 reg, new piazzo levers, tail tidy, Michelin P4 tyres, special comfort gel seat and an arrow low boy - all mods done by Matt at OMC. The bike introduced me to track days, has always put a smile on my face and I have loved riding it. It was (is) a very pretty bike and admired by many. I am gutted :frowning: If you see it for sale, or around south London or anywhere - let me know. Some of you may have seen it at the World Record Ladies’ Bike Day or at OMC or on ride outs. Police have been informed.

Shit news hels. hope its found

Fuck, that is so shit. Hope the scum are caught. :frowning:

Sorry to hear this Hels. As good and hardy as 16mm chains are they remain the weakest link between the padlock and ground anchor and will offer little resistance to the tools a well prepared thief will have in the back of the van.

That is rubbish news. Hope you get it back.

Sad news mate - any pics you can post up to help share? Can’t believe they cut through the almax without anyone hearing/being alarmed. Utter pricks, makes owning a nice bike impossible these days.

Sorry to hear this.
Definitely post pics.

I have posted pics on the Facebook LB page but don’t know how to post them here - am gutted - I loved my little 675 - I just enjoyed its zest and spark

Oh fek Hels, that’s awful. I’m really sorry to hear that. I wish I could think of something to say that’d help to make you feel better, but I know I can’t. X

I saw the pics on the FB page- shared.
Hope you get it back.

Edit: Here is the pic.


Thanks for the picture :slight_smile:
really hope it is recovered - it’s the first bike I have ever had stolen in 12 years of riding ! I did love K Pow dearly. Thanks for all your kind comments also - I feel quite angry and sad

No problem, Helen.

Shit news … but at least they didnt get that scarf x

I’m really sorry to hear that Hels, I’ll keep my eyes peeled round my way.

That’s shit Hels, I’d be fuming too, my biggest fear with the bike is not coming off, but gearing up, stepping outside and finding it’d gone :pensive:
If nothing else it’s insured, you can get another…

So sorry to see this. It’s my no.1 hate. Theft :frowning: lowest of the low.
Hugs xx

Aw man :frowning: It’s really really worth having a good look round local streets and estates - where the bike’s high value enough that it might have a tracker in it, it’s apparently common for theives to walk the bike to somewhere quiet and hide it for a few days to see if anyone does find it. That’s how I got my Tiger back when that was pinched last year, and we found it about five days later.

+1 Big Red S my boss in one of my jobs down here had his street triple nicked from right outside Leceister Square tube station. He stumbled across it a week later down one of the nearby alleys infront of a pub! Always worth a mooch just in case…

Helen, is there a contact number for the police station or officer dealing with this ?

Sorry to hear this, its a lovely bike.