Hels is back in town

For those of you who know crazy lady Helen … she is threatening to attend Borough next weds before effin off to danger island again!

We will be meeting up to say hi & have some food locally.

All welcome!

I don’t know helen… Yet.

I’ll be at Borough on the 17th though :smiley:

be good to see her again. i’ll be there :slight_smile:


She’s going back out there :blink:

Wish i could be there to finaly see Hels face to face however im making my long drive to germany in 4 and a half hours :w00t:

So where is this dangerous place she came from and is going back to???

Hello !!

It is SO good to be back on British Soil again:) My God freedom is sweet:) I will have no bike, but it will be very nice to see people again. Last time I was on leave we went to some Chinese noodle place near BM, which was good. That was also the night when the drunken street prophet turned up with the special brew.

Am flying back to Afghanistan on the 21st June - but my contract is up mid / end of August - will have done a year - they asked me to extend, but I declined. In many ways it has been a very interesting job and have met some fantastic people, but not one which I would want to extend beyond a year.

Anyway - Afghanistan has aged me and I look like **** now and have found some grey hair - so if you see a hunched, elderly looking lady nursing a dry sherry and riding a mobility scooter on Wed, that is me. I might also be drunk, as I have a lot of units to catch up on.

Be really great to see you folks anyway - Dhofty, Joy, Garret and all - I hope Day Realease, Ratty etc etc will make an appearance. ASBO - sorry to miss you - but shall no doubt catch up at some point :slight_smile:

Enjoy the sunshine!!


what time you getting to bmm hels? be good to catch up:)

Not sure what time it all kicks off these days Dhofty - I would have thought I’d get there about 7 ish or so?

You have a great time while your back over Hels, won’t be heading to BM so in all likelihood will miss you.

You remember to keep your noggin down over in Afghanistan.

Try and keep me away ! ! !..:Wow: Will be great to see you again Hels:kiss:xx

Fantastic - will be marvellous to see some folks again, have a bite to eat, look at the bikes and maybe have a go on some kind persons machine, for old times sake.

Sadly I was the victim of a scissor happy hairdresser on Saturday - who thought a one inch trim meant a five inch hactchet job - ARRGGHHH - total disaster - so I might be wearing a helmet even though I don’t have a bike anymore.

Laters - Happy Sunday all


I should be in attendance too

:w00t: she’s back in town, run for cover :hehe::hehe::hehe:It 'll great to see you Hels , I’ll be there with Reecy for a little bit,

am sure the child can have 1 late night , he can catch on his sleep on thursday in the classroom :D:D:D

See you soon Gal

Reckon I’ll be there at about half six ish. Having a drink with my old boss at 4, so will just come down after that.

Be great to catch up


I’m gona try to come along tomorrow Hel’s, be good to see you :slight_smile:

Don’t know Hels, but will be down tomorrow for a bit so will make sure I say hi!!

Well I shall say hi too.

I might be a little worse for wear as am going to the pub with my old boss at 4pm - and he was never one for skimping on the drinks - however, will enjoy looking at the bikes and reminiscing about my biker days of yore.