Helping hand for a biker please

Apologies for the shameless plug, but if anyone could spare a second to vote for a fellow biker inthe competition below I would be massively grateful. I promise to use the prizeto do some charity work and also some good biking. Only takes one click tovote!


Some of adventures so far:



Ok since you asked nicely - done

I just voted. good luck!

Did this,

just a helpful hint as you are doing well.

get your mates to use every device they have e.g. mobiles, laptops, tablets they will each count as a vote.

good luck amigo



I voted
Too lazy to read what I was voting for though

+1 :smiley:

Done mate

Hope after all the LBers have helped you out - you come back to say thank you… don’t use us and bugger off please…:wink:

Or i’m gonna vote for this bloke…


They should rename that site to “I love being a hipster douche”…truth in advertising and all that.