Help !!!!!

Borrowing my mates K4 GSXR 1000 this weekend.

Got her home and I cant start the bloody thing. The alarm went off when I started cleaning it and cant reset it to start her up.

Anyone know what I need to do. He cant be contacted till the morning.

yeah…before ya fire it up…make sure you are a mate and insure it !!!


Tis done !!! and has been for a few weeks as it’s been planned for a while, at the minute seems to be a fecking pointless task though.

Thanks for your thoughts though.

go for gold fats and enjoys…dont make an enemey outta a mate…bikes do that !!!

like the edit…who do you think you are …meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ???

No…but if ya offering ya sexy tiger …

ok what alarm is it?

when you trun the key and set the run switch to on does the fuel rail charge? I E does the fuel pump make a wirrring sound for 3 seconds?

i know this sound silly but are you holding the clutch in when you press the starter?

you need to

Adz just tried it and it WORKED !!! Your a star mate thanks a bunch

Congrats !!!

have fun !!

Will do !!!

Thanks for all your…erm…help ?

ok well take it easy out there mate