Help !

Ok, having no idea about buying bits for bike I need the help of you worldly wise LB’ers !

My Mums other half bought a lovely new mint 2000 R1 last week, on his way home he managed to drop the bloody thing.

Where can I look for spare parts such as the Front Fairing / Right Fairing / Right Wing Mirror and back brake peg ? He’s asked me to have a look about down Saarf as he doesn’t want to pay silly money as he’ll probably have too if he buys back home - as I said it’s a 2000 model in Red, White and Black.

I’m a bit worried about buying the fairings from E-bay in case I don’t get a proper match !

Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.


I’ve known a couple of guys that have dropped those, and most end up buying pattern fairings. Genuine used fairings for those are quite scarce.

Pattern fairings from places like skidmarx. I got one for my old bike, not the prettiest, but did the job. I just got the basic one, but am sure they can produce better quality ones.

Give them a go.

Usually eBay for these things for me. Bike breakers unlikely as fairings picked clean first or already damaged.

erm…BB Plastics and respray job?


Here is a link

Crikey I’m busy today

Thanks very much guys, the pointers are appreciated.

In my experience, no, they can’t…

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