Hello, I am new on this forum and am after your help! I am getting married in October and I would love to get in touch with David Thorpe (British Motocross Rider) to ask him if he would send a signed photo to my fiancee for me to give him on the morning of the wedding as a thank you. David Thorpe is my mans hero, we saw him at mallory Park last week and he was like an excited child.

Does any one have any idea if he has a fan club, or a website, I have searched the internet but am yet to find anything!

Please help me if you can…

Many thanks

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Sorry I can’t help you with your search but good luck xx

Hi and welcome aboard.


Thanks guys! are you more into road bikes or dirt bikes???

Have you googled for his fan club?

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I have tried to goole him but nothing comes up :frowning: do you know if he has a fan club?

Hey, welcome to the LB… il see what I can do about the David Thorpe photo, I go Motocross riding with Mark Eastwood, he’s a former AMA Motocross competitor and son of Vic Eastwood who used to race in the same era as David Thorpe.

thank you thank you! Any help would be much appreciated. It really would make his day!

No worries… just so your not hanging onto my tread in hope though have you tried contacting DirtBike magazine?, if you tell them about it im sure with their contacts they’d have no problem in sorting it out for you… website below:

Hey SirYamalot, the guy from dirtbike has got back to me already saying he will see what he can do, thanks!

I remember watching him :slight_smile:

Good luck :wink:

Just to let you knnow, I had an email from him yesterday saying he will do it for me! how cool! :smiley:

Top stuff… they’re really good like that at DBR, you could go out on a limb and see if he’ll even give you away at the wedding… that will really blow your fella out the water! :smiley:

Excellent news :smiley: