Help with fitting an R&G numberplate bracket to a GSXR750 K7

Just bought myself an R&G plate bracket for my new K7. All looks pretty straight forward to fit, although I’m having trouble getting to the wiring for the LED plate light. The instructions that came with the bracket recommend removing the right hand side rear cowling, but I’m having real trouble getting it off. As far as I can see, there are 4 plastic pins to remove (one under the top cowling, two underneath, and one under the seat), as well as a larger one under the seat. I’ve removed 3 of the pins and the bigger plug-pin (or whatever you’d call it) under the seat, but I’m having real trouble with the last pin underneath and I’m worried about forcing the bugger and snapping it. Plus, even with only that pin left it, the cowling still feels pretty secure, so there’s a chance that there might even be more connection points.

Does anyone have any helpful advice for getting that rear side cowling off without busting the thing? Presumably there’s an easy way of getting the thing off?