Help with exhausts.

Hiya, just new to the site and already asking for help. I want to fit a new exhaust to my drz 400 sm '06 model, I know Remus and Scorpion make exhausts for the drz so first question which is better, also do I go with the full system or just the end can and what would the difference be between the two. It goes on, Is it easy to do , I’m not good mechanically and wouldn,t want to make a dogs dinner of things so is there anywhere in London that could carry out this work and even supply the exhaust. I know thats alot to read, and it might not read well but thanks for getting to the end.

The search button can answer all your points…

Because the DRZ is limited on power, you have to go quite far to extract more kick from it, so a full-system would be a lot better, but obviously more expensive. I run an Arrow titanium half system on my DRZ and love it, very throaty. The full Japanese Yoshimura system is meant to be the best you can get, but at a cost. If you’re interested, speak to Crescent Suzuki who are the daddy when it comes to building maxed out Suzuki’s.

Any way you go, an aftermarket system is going to transform the bike! Get the jets changed as well, and if appropriate, there’s always the airbox modification as well for more power. You can raise the compression to the same as the E model as well by fitting the appropriate gasket, which will raise power. There’s a ton of power mods you can do to a DRZ, enough even to rival a KTM if you’re willing to spend the cash.

Thanks Jay, i’ll check out cresent, the arrow system sounds nice and I’ll definately loook into some further tweaks.

Do you think that a thin head gasket actually makes much of a difference? It always seemed like a lot of work for just a pony or at most two…

i told someone before to ring rex judds as we can get most pipes,need to know what you want,so we can work out some prices for you