Help with brakes

Had a bit of a worry today.

I left the bike in the garage for a couple of weeks and when I took it out the wheels were nigh-on jammed. Loosened up after a quick ride, but 2 days later, this…

On the way to work on the motorway the front brake went on and then became progressively stronger. Had to pull over, as the bike was struggling even in 2nd. Then on its own the brakes eased again. On the way home the same happened again, though to a lesser degree. Seem to happen more when I’ve just braked - as if the brake isn’t releasing.

Am i right in thinking that its all the crap on the road at the moment? Question is, without any tools, lift, or knowledge is there anything I can do other than taking the bike in to a shop on the way home tomorrow?

Brembos, tuono - if that makes any difference…

If you have no maintenance kit, there’s nowt you can do.

Two possible causes come strait to mind:

First and most likely: As you say, there’s a lot of salty cr*p on the road and the pads could be binding on the retaining pins due to corrosion. But that’s not likely to be self curing but well worth getting checked out anyway.

Very easy fix with the right (simple) kit and a 10p of materials.

Second: Brake fluid had taken up water from the air and is heating up and expanding. When it cools it contracts again. But that not going to give you problems wheeling out of the garage.

Easy fix. Change the brake fluid. Very little time (for a bike shop) £5 for materials. They’ll charge you £10+vat if your lucky.

Either way, you need a mechanic and soon. Well, now.

Cheers Old Guy,
Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a simple remedy before taking it to a shop. I’ll try and nick off early tomorrow and take it there. Its under warranty but every time it goes near a shop it costs a couple hundred quid.

That’s the beauty of a bike under warranty. Everything you need done falls outside the terms.

Good news is, this one shouldn’t. Unless they are very inventive.