Help - welder required

Hello peeps,my headers are badly cracked / split. Obviously a result of my 120MPH gymnastics at Parc Algar that didn’t become apparent untill Jerez last week.

A cunning repair with 2 red bull cans and 4 jubilee clips got me out for day 2, but it got worse and after 5 laps on day 3 I was reduced to sunbathing.

Details of welders please!

I shall be calling MHP this week, just wondering if there are other options.

Thank-you please.

PM Stig VR, he did a good job for me recently :slight_smile:

Hi Pete. You could try “Fine Limit” in Basildon. 01268 725988.

I had some work done by him & I’d definitely recommend him. He wasn’t expensive either.

Hope you get it sorted.

(but then I am biased :D)

Thanks for your replies.