alright mate.
£20 sent

got that thanks Chen! long long time no see, hope youre keeping well buddy…

Pouty, looks like there’s a market in this mate, so take advantage. Offer a size and price scale… and get yourself a pitch for businesses this forum is full of random people and you never know whose readin… PLUS… good snaps mate, always helps sell a sponsorship pitch but have you got any vid? Something you can put on a website, or on your homepage that you can link too?

Get back to me if you want to talk about vid possibilities… Send PM or something

Plus… count me in for a name… I want to be called MIserable Bastard Kenobi… where do I send the £20?

Is there a paypal for this jazz or somewhere to send cash? Can I have my EU flag in a good position on the fairing?

Trying to keep it as simple as i can at the moment Toby, much as i’d love to offer lots of diferrent options for people, getting 50 names made up and on the fairing is a task in itself!

God forbid i have another get off before we get some nice pics!

Ultimately it would be great to team up with a company that wants to support me doing what i love but its a rare thing to find, especially in the current climate.

There is great stills covereage from a number of people who take lovely photographs

and a chap called brian lancaster.

With the donations coming it its time to get repairing the Wee Haggis!

Thank you again to all those helping out, i’ll try and do you proud at Oulton Park!

sorry guys picture wont load for some reason.

Lovely shot PJ took at brands.

You looking for that 10p you dropped? :slight_smile:

Cool pics, what base colour are you going for this time around?