As some of you may already know i am racing in the rookie Minitwins championship this year, after a promising start unfortuantley it looks like my racing dream will be coming to an end unless i can find some financial backing, i am totally out of money.

The idea has been used before and im hoping it may work for me.

I will keep it on there for the remainder of the races i can afford to run in for the 2012 season.
If you would be happy helping or know anyone who would just reply to this post or PM me.

I have been over whelmed by the repsonse on facebook which has given me the confidence to post on here, all is not lost just yet!

Andrew has the next part of my Blog for editing, hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as i do riding it.

Thank you

Paul #62






Me me me I’ll pass by Omc on sunday

Yep, count me in, I’ll have my name on the bike too.

Well…when I say my name, I don’t actually mean my name, I’ll have to think up 2 words that will look funny on your bike for my 20 quid.

All in all though, I think this is an excellent idea, good luck.


oh, and you should also think about putting this in general chat

thanks guys very kind of you! ive got Simon the sign writer standing by, bikes gonna looked wicked!

can a mod move this to general chat if they think its worthy…?

Moved to General for you Paul.

Hi Pouty,

What are the rules on putting my business name and logo on your bike?
I don’t mind paying extra for a bigger spot + paying for the graphics.

While i’m here, can sponsoring a bike like this be classed as a business expense?

I’m almost certain you can put this down to business expenses as marketing but a quick chat with your accountant will confirm.

^^thats a good idea.
if my company was cooler and not run entirely by women, i would definitively do the same! :laugh:

you can def put it on under a business expense, if you need a good accountant to talk to about it then drop me a PM and i will forward you my accountants details.

I knew you’d know about this sort of thing Rixxy :wink:

Can I put an EU flag on there? I like the EU.

Sounds great butterfly, no problem with that at all.

I’ll PM you and speak more.

Dont entirely understand the EU flag joke Joby but if it gets me £20 im in! :smiley:

It’s not a joke. I like the EU. I think it’d look good on a race bike.

Looks like you might have under priced the idea!

Maybe you should start to auction any spaces left once the bike is getting pretty much covered.

Before I pitch in, how big a space do you get for £20?

big enough to write your name :wink:

PM sent :slight_smile:

who did we do this for ages ago ??? bugger getting old and forgetting thing :D:D

worked a treat last time thinke he put all the names in a line on the bike

anyway enough wittering Im in how and where we send the dosh ???

I thought you were having a laugh joby! thank you for your support.

I’ll get the names as big as i can, the more i get the harder that becomes! at the moment its probably 20mm x 50mm.

Ive got a paypal account set up and the donations are coming in, nervous about putting the email address on here for scally wags to pick up and do things with, probably best to do by PM if you are intersted in helping.

looking forward to getting the fariings done, reckon its going to look great!