Help wanted.................

I am toying with the idea of getting some projector lights from cresent for my bike but want to see what the will look like on the bike first, can anyone do anything with photoshop for me (see pics bellow)??? thanks


front projector lights.jpg

What, and make it look like a 999

AHHHHHH, Thats brill, did’nt give the 999 a thought, thanks mini mo.

So now my next Q is can anyone cut that out and place it on my bike pic so i can get a better idea? i’m really not clued up with the photoshop thing…

A bit rough but gives you an idea


Not unless you find two pictures with a similar perspective, otherwise it’ll look naff… Oh Mini Mo beat me to it I think it looks good njs71, the Bikerstyle stuff is very good.

should look exactly like the one in your photo… but in black…??

pukka pukka pukka, mini mo you are the business, thank you

Pleasure mate. Looks kinda cool actually.

Here i’ve coloured it a bit more… ooooh were’s me crayons


my bike light done.jpg