Help wanted this Fri/Sat


I would appreciate a hand dismantling my bike this Friday and/or Saturday. I’m not averse to this work, and do have the Haynes manual, just easier with 2 and someone with experience my offer advice/assistance when I get stuck!

I have a small selection of tools until pick up my tool box on Sunday, so anyone able to bring some tools along would be very welcome. Tea/Coffee, biscuits etc offered.

PM me if able to assist.

why, what are you doing to it?

I am taking off what has been damaged and assessing the rest of damage, prior to repairing the bike. Need to do asap as got track day in 2 weeks!

bummer, must have missed that that was mint looking last time we were up a Frith.

sorry to ,but got ride out sat.and sunday giveing terrymoto a hand to move house .cant move it himself,

What time will you be working and where are you based?

Might have Friday free.

working mate…so sorry…


Am in Hackney,

Free all day Fri, Sat possibly Sun - but if free Sunday that means I haven’t got tools!!

Cheers for offers!

Sorry mate, gota rideout saturday & supervising Tug on sunday. If you dont get it done this week, I’m sure me & Tug can make it following w/end