help want some advice

hi!!im thinking of getting a 125cc.i wanted to know what was the cheepest and the best to go for.please help im confussed???

from what other people have told me of course,

aprilia rs 125
cbr 125
honda nsr 125
cagiva mito 125
sachs xt sumthing aruther race? 125
gilera dna 125

gilera dna!!! you have the red one i can have a yellow one. then we will all match…
and the gsxr can lead the way

and if possible has anyone got some pictures for me to look at!!!

Might help to know what your key requirements are?

Sachs XT

Aprilia RS


Last years


The rest arn’t worth worrying about!!!


So there the cheapest…, now u gonna show her the best

as long as you dont mean the CBR125?!?

My friend had one of the it was a good (cheap) bike

4532gt1250_1_.jpg Hyosung comet gt 125

They also do this

or just do your DAS and get one of these…

Go on you know you want it!!!

I would take the advice from one of the guys who work in a bike shop- then you can get the one most people buy/ask for so it’s easy to sell on when your done with it!

Have you booked CBT?

funny - I’m a bike salesman!!

I would go and have a look at the bikes you like, sit on them and have a feel of them and then you will see what feels right to you. Chooseing a bike is a personal thing.

Do your DAS and get one of these

What’s the most popular 125 you sell?

The thing is, if the intention is only to keep it for ashort while until DAS thereis no point getting too comfortable with it - I would buy one that I could easily sell when the time comes as the proceeds will make a nice deposit on a bigger bike.

Aprilia RS125, YBR125 (ideal commuter) and intruder 125 (cruiser)!

But it is what you feel comfatable on, and what you’ll be using it for and most important what one you think looks the best!!

thanks theres some nice ones to look at…god this is difficult??
sean have you any more???

There is more out there, just depends how much you wanna spend, and what style you want??


CBR125 (slow)

11k service sean…11k service…



600, 4000, 8000, 12000, 16000, 20000!!!