Help to recover bike

I came off last night and broke my collarbone… can’t go into details atm as I’m typing with left and it’s taking ages. The copper attended parked my bike in a bay but looking on gmaps I can see that is for permit holders on friday.

I’m guessing I’m going to get a ticket… Is there anyone who can help me tomorrow? I think the bike is rideable but I have to go tomorrow morning and see a specialist and then my brother will pick me up and we will head to cheltenham… so there is a small window.

The bike is close to HG stokwell somewhere. I remember we had someone from there on here… any chance I could leave it outside the shop in the forecourt?

think that was fbpaul who works there?

and that’s less than a mile from the OMC. I’ll push it there if you’re totally stuck.

PM’ed my number to you !

will be out in the 7.5 tonne lorry… can put in on there to get out of way but will be at about and then 6am…

nah don’t worry about it amit… i need to get some sleep now.

yeah mian one of the two is the plan i think omc or hg…

problem is area is gridlocked because of helicopter…

Not sure why I have woken up at this hour of the night, but yes, fyi FB Paul and also a couple of other LBers work at HG in Stockwell. The area is gridlocked, but I got through okay Thurs morning on my bike, so it is accessible. There is parking right outside the forecourt of HG, so as soon as the shop opens in the morning you should easily get assistance to push it round from the guys at HG, as they are extremely helpful. I would look at the opening times on line and call the shop just before it opens, then they can make the arrangements - also PM fb Paul.

Just wanted to say, I’m so sorry to hear about your ‘off’ Alex, bet the collarbone is really painful. Sorry I’m not able to do much physically to help this time, but if you need any calls made, emails written on your behalf, let me know. Hope the collarbone feels better very soon. Rest well this weekend.

Ah man, sorry to hear about this. Wish I could help you out. Heal up soon!

sorry to hear about your off hope you mend soon and get your bike sorted quick. GWS :slight_smile:

thanks all will get on the case about the bike once i’m back from the orthopedic to assess the damage.

it’s [ainful but bearable and the morphine lastnight helped… was high as a kite

Ill have whatever you have leftover :smiley:

Hope you feel better dude , sorry to hear about your off.

GWS Alex.


Firstly; :hehe: ^^^

Secondly; sorry to hear about your off, hope you’re not too badly beat up, GWS Alex

glad you’re ok mate. seems after all that jiu jitsu you still havent mastered the fall and roll! :Whistling:

So you finally crossed the Trojan line.

Get well soon.

sorry to see you had an off

hope you make a recovery in time for the better weather

Glad you are okay. Hope you get bike sorted

Get well soon Alex!

as i said to you on FB, so sorry to hear this. and also very sorry i cant lend a hand, especially with the blizzard today!!! hope you can find somebody to help with the bike soon, maybe you can call Simon @ the OMC i’m sure he’s not doing much today :smiley: