Help Someone Stole something of my bike!! Liverpool street

Hey every1,

Someone stole the plastic license plate bolts/nuts of my bike!! Im in Liverpool street area and need to get some this lunch time?? Any one know where i can get some…



try chas bikes there number is 02072619797

not sure if this is all copper stations, but my mate who lives in east end says you can get free locking nuts from the police for licence plates in his area, worth a try

bloody scrotes will nick anything nowadays

One of mine went yesterday too! Plate is currently held on with a cable tie. I couldn’t believe it!

You telling me the buggers stole the fixings but left the plate?

walk down the road to george whites and see sean i am sure he can find you a pair.

Could also try MME motorcycles, they are off brick lane, 0207 7296 404 Kelvin there is a top bloke and will sort you if he can

does sean check lb while he is at work…george whites is real close so that my preffered…ill try the one u suggested to elad. Thanks :slight_smile:

I would take a bet that they worked themselves loose and fell off. Plastic ones are pretty crap at staying done up. Recently washed my bike, nothing was loose but buy time I reached the Ace the number plate was gone.

Get yourself some metal nuts and bolts, they may not look as good but they will stay put.


I’ve had a few come loose over the years.

A little tip is to deform the thread with a pair of mole grips or pliers after you’ve done them up. They won’t work loose then:cool:

I can’t imagine anyone bothering to nick a 10p screw.

Incidentally you can buy them from a lot of petrol stations in packs of 4:)

yeah that may of happened…i just assumed the worst…london and all :slight_smile: anyway never mind hopefully get them from george white / be steered in the right direction at the very least :slight_smile:

also have motoden just up the road

awesome will try them 2.

bandit bikes? ask for Mr B or Dennis

banjax? ask for James Bike Service? ask for Bully2, Fairchild Place, London, EC2A 3EN
Tel: 020 7247 4151

Thanks every1 for ure help, Mo at George Whites (where sean works) gave me a set for free…nice guy. They had a few pre reg zx-6rs…got me tempted and obv new r6 all with 0% finance.

The prob is do i want to go to the dark side and get a yamaha…

Don’t forget to report the theft to police…

the plates will be used in crime or to ‘clone’ a stolen bike…

make it harder for them and report it.

they didnt steal the plate otherwise i would…just the clips…tbh i think gsxrang was right they prob fell off :slight_smile: