help scooters needed!!!!

im looking for any old scooters that you want shot of

bad conditions ect they are for students to practice on and donations would be wonderful

please pm me ect if you can help!!! thanks mum!!!xx

that sounds great hun and i have the wheels to pick it up


Have you thought of ringing an insurance company about accident write off bikes. Explain what you want it for and i`m sure they can help you.

good thinking batman!! i never thought of that!! then again i am a woman…lolx

Your excused then for being a little lady.

thanks hun 4 that…i needed cheering up!!!wat a day

There not for students you just wanna use your CBT!!!

Local bike shops are good aswell they get dead bikes/scooters that are brought for £50 cos the cost of fixing can be stupendous - i’m sure they would help aswell (if you promote the students/bikes with "thanks to so&so for supplying these bikes will help)

hmm…well… what to reply… scrap yard… yes…scrap yard

the police hold alot of scooters in thier yards,why not contact them see about getting some,i’m sure they are scrapped or auctioned off if they are not claimed in a certain amount of time?

scrap yard!!!