Help required: Stolen bikes

Hi all,

I received an email from a friend of a friend who has had two bikes stolen and I ask you to try and keep an eye out for them or if you notice suspicious parts for sale on eBay:

On Friday 1 Dec he had a couple of motorcycles stolen from his garage in Wandsworth.

The bikes were:

Yamaha R6, 2003, (LF03 …) quite distinctive as it was a Kenny Roberts replica (Yellow & Black, only 200 in the UK), it had an Acropovic end-can and NRA double bubble screen. It had some war wounds: scratched front fairing cowl and tail piece on the right-hand side for a trackday off. This bike is my wife’s pride and joy.

Honda Fireblade CBR929RR, 2000 (Y975 …). Anyone who knows him, knows this bike, and is probably astonished that anyone would bother nicking it! It’s black and silver, got a Micron can and has been heavily abused for the last 45000 miles. The only decent thing on it was a new NRA double bubble screen.

Please let me know if you see anything.

LF x

Damn, sorry to hear about this Lustfish. What security did the garage have?

sorry to hear this lust, bit close to home this one…

Not too sure, I’ll have to check.

It makes you think twice about leaving them while you’re out doesn’t it.

as said b4, lust, rotherhithe/bermondsey area eyes are looking.

Thank you

lustfish so you know lee to then,i got the same email,been looking at ebay abit lately he calls me mr wheelie,nice couple normerlly see him at the ring,or both of them at ally pally

I live in Wandsworth so I will REALLY keep my eyes peeled…

Can you tell me which part of Wandsworth they were nicked for my info?