Help request - Flat battery

Hey guys,

I left my parking light on this morning when I got into work, and when I left in the evening, surprise surprise, not even the dash lights would work. Is there anyone around the City area who could give me a jump tonight or tomorrow during the day? If not I’ll take out the battery bring it home etc etc, but it would be great if someone could help.



Normally I would be in the city first thing on a wednesday with my jump pack , but you **** out of luck as I am going in exactly the opposite direction tommorow … sorry

Where abouts in the city?
I’m in angel, I’ve Got to go to Waterloo at 9am… Could bring a booster pack if your not too far…

Blackfriars underpass, on the Tower Bridge–> Westminster direction. How would that be for you?

Hey buddy. You tried a bumpstart yeah?

@Conrad - yep. No luck unfortunately. That may be down to lack of experience but I have practiced with some success in the past.

Anyone able to help over lunch perhaps? Worst case I’ll just take the battery out and charge her tonight, then come back later or in the morning.


By description it sounds like your battery is too flat for bump starting, I think you need to plug yourself into a car or van rather than another bike.

Why don’t you give a call to the omc or rob and see if any of them is able to help.

No breakdown cover I gather? :frowning:

No breakdown cover indeed. I was planning on getting that before I head off towards France in the summer. I’ll give Rob a call thanks :slight_smile: