Help removing throttle restrictor kits

Hi peeps, I’m looking to remove my restrictor kit in 6 weeks and wondered if anyone had any experience doing it? Would you be able to give me some advice on how to do so please? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If you are on a restricted bike, wouldn’t you need to get it done somewhere that could verify the restriction removal to the DVLA?

Otherwise when you come to sell the bike you will have to sell it as a restricted bike, since that is how it will be recorded?

I don’t know btw, I am just sorta posing the question, I don’t really understand how the restriction system works.

Might be restricted in the xup valve aswell

As far as I know the DVLA hold no data as to whether a bike’s restricted. I don’t think anyone does.

as far as my own research has shown, the DVLA are only aware of your license being restricted, has nothing to do with the vehicle being registered as restricted or not.

the whole system is open to debate, its rubbish, most insurance companies don’t ask for proof, and even if they did, picking up a copy of a certificate is a 5 minute job online for free.

they dont even tell you where the 33bhp is measured from, 33 at the rear equates to a little more at the flywheel, so where is it measured from?

anyway, assuming the R6 is injected, the restriction will more than likely be by means of a throttle stop and possibly a restricted ECU unit.

the throttle stop will be fiddly as fudge to find/get at!

wouldnt have thought the EXUP would be involved unless a restricted ECU has been used.

best bet is to have a look on specific R6 forums, most likely to be a how to etc on one of them!

The vehicle documents V5 have nothing to say it’s restricted.

Was it restricted when you bought it? Can you trace who did it & ask them to un-do it?

I put it on and can go back to Woking Yamaha to remove it. But trying to do it myself if I can. One dealer says it’s a half hour job, another saying it’s an hour work and then some saying it’s a simple 10 minute jobbie. So go figure.

I believe it is just a hole drilled and a screw put into the throttle which prevents you from twisting it past the point where it makes 33bhp on the dyno … should … be a simple case of taking the screw out so that the throttle will twist freely past the “33bhp stop” and make more power.

This comes with the disclaimer of it might not be true/as easy as it sounds … but it’s what I’ve been told … and gotta be worth a look at least before paying someone to do.

Take off the bar end with either a screwdriver or allen key … then see how easily the rubber grip comes off (shouldn’t be too difficult since it’s been off once already to have the throttle stop fitted) … see if there is a screw fitted that goes into the throttle … unscrew it … see if throttle opens further than it did before … put the screw back (or not :P) … grip back on … bar end back on … bish bash bosh.

invest in a REALLY BIG HAMMER… that will fix EVERYTHING :smiley: