Help - Receiving fines for previous vehicle

So about 6 weeks ago I received a log book in my name for a vehicle i sold back in July, immediately phoned up DVLA and told them this was an error and they advised send it back with a covering letter which I did but will take 6-8 weeks to process.

As I feared I’ve started getting numerous parking fines.

I’ve tried speaking to the council who’s response is well you’re the registered owner, and seeing as I sold the vehicle in July once I received the relevant paperwork saying i was no longer the register keeper I disposed of it

Any ideas :man_shrugging:

Get proof from DVLA, forward that to the council.

DVLA aren’t being forthcoming or very helpful because I can’t remember the date I signed the paperwork to notify the original sale

You may have already seen this

Hadn’t seen that but here in lies the problem, I may not own the vehicle but it’s registered in my name still albeit erroneously

And I can’t remember the exact date as it was back in summer

Did you pay any money into your bank? *Could check your bank statement if you did.

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If DVLA say you are registered owner can they not release details to you about what records they have in relation to date changes? Even if you have to go through DPO (data protection officer)

See thats what i find curious…

You sold vehicle in Summer .

I am presuming you notified DVLA of change of registered keeper/Sale hence you getting the letter stating this which you discarded

Then 6 weeks ago which i presume is still a few months after original sale you received the V5 in your name .

Does this show previous keeper Name or change of keeper date ?

All i can presume is the person who bought your vehicle has since sold it but didn’t fill out the documents and send to DVLA and new 'owner’has somehow got your details ( old v5 / receipt in paperwork etc ) and used that .

That’s my next line of action however they have 21 days or whatever to reply and that’s going to then be a headache as the fines deadline will be passed and will cause more headaches :confounded:

It doesnt list previous owner no more as that’s what I thought just stated 6 previous owners

I also don’t have the erroneous v5 for record as it got sent back to DVLA

Know you have mentioned fine issuer has said your named so your liable is there any information on the notice or their website on how to appeal etc and if this set asides the action or at least freezes the amount payable at the lower amount etc

Yea I can appeal it which I intend to do plus have also got a crime reference number for it as it seems fraudulent to me, not that I expect anything to come
of it from the police, more a case of evidence if I needed to prove my innocence at a later stage

The other option which I loathe to do is to just pay the fines and hope the DVLA sort the registration out soon but then what’s to stop the current owner reregistering it again. I’m just worried whoever is in the car is gonna rack up speeding points :confounded::cry:

When you sold vehicle did you get a refund for unused road tax?
When does current tax run out?
If you can show it has been taxed since you sold it the tax records should show it was not you.

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I got the email declaring it sorn when I took it off road before selling but then when I spoke to DVLA they had to re-sorn it as was showing as taxed so yea they must have someone who had set up the tax for it :+1:t2:

And this is why I keep all letters, and records from the DVLA. Generally I have found them to be quick and efficient in my dealings with them. But I remember the headlines from MCN and other motoring organisations from 10/15 years ago with people receiving their new licenses with categories have been removed. And when complaining the DVLA said we have no record, you need to take your test again. Just a quick search shows some right horror stories out on the web when things go wrong at the DVLA.

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Obviously don’t pay the fines!

the logbook is not the legal owner remember - it doesn’t mean you are liable for the fines or any driving offences.

For future reference, I insist I get money in my bank for vehicle sales and I do a little bill of sale which is not really worth much but if both the new owner and I have a time (crucially) and date signed bill of sale it can’t harm. None of this of use to you now…

first things first, relax! it’ll be okay, you’re not liable


May be worth running an HPI check on it to see what that comes back with.

If it’s just parking fines, then surely it must be taxed & insured by someone?

I wouldn’t actually put this past the DVLA having cocked up & it could be that the new owner sold it on & someone in Swansea then misread the docs & put your name down rather than new owner.