Help please

Can anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced suspension specialist - I want them to service my rear Showa shock off my Triumph


Project and Snap can, they were there today

but I didn’t make it for the ride… in Wandsworth I think

We went to SBT in Sandy, Beds. Anyways, ill let Kev tell you more about it.

Another one is that place in Wandsworth. Havea look in the producs and upgrades section.

If you do go to the one in Wandsworth which is Setup Engineering, the guy there did mention something about not being able to get showa shock refurbed. But then he did go on at me to get something like an Ohlins or Maxton and have the bike setup with new fort springs for £1300!

I would say try SBT first as they seem quite good and a lot cheaper lol.