HELP PLEASE- unspypc ?

Help guys…wife has just phoned saying this unspypc box is coming up when she has started the pc… she cant seem to get pc to work… cant see Norton symbol at bottom so dont know if connected or not…problem is i’m at work and ideally need to see what she means. Has any one any knowledge of this…what it is how to get rid of etc…Gill’s work is all on this pc and i dont think she has saved any to disc etc. aaagh

Firstly dont panic.

Whilst the hard drive still reads data all is not lost. It looks like some program has imposed itself on your machine. Spybot may cure it.

It is possible to retreive all the Data from the PC so dont attempt any sort of re-load until you have tried to unnstall new porgram.

If you can get the Start prompt up and can get the run dialogue box up type in “msconfig” and you should be able to remove program from start up files.

Any probs or you need more advise PM me .


Brilliant. Thanks Dan. Wife had to leave it and I will have to look when i get in… might not be able to pm you though if still not working!! Using work pc til 6!!