Help!!! Photos - Imgur and Flickr etc

Not just for putting on LB but for sending to people etc - how the feck do these things work? We’ve tried looking at Imgur as recommended on here, but it has no instructions of how to work it. We seem to have managed to put ONE photo on Flickr but can’t put on any more or work out how to use the site. Any guides to where there are any instructions?

And Jay - Pleeeeeease can you mend the LB photo thing ???

The LB post box (where you write your posts) accepts HTML. These other websites allow you to upload your photos to them, and then via a feature on their website called embed (embed gallery, embed photo, etc.) allow you to get some HTML from them that when you paste into the LB post box after your own words (or before!), will result in your photos being shown from their website, on LB.

I.E. they make a little wrapper for the photos being shown on their website that LB can understand and display. This is called embedding. It’s pretty common for websites that like to share content to do this. We have suggested using IMGUR for now until we get our own photo upload feature plugged in.

The LB photo upload feature will come shortly, after the private message feature I’m working on as we speak.

Hopefully this video will help clarify:

For what it’s worth, I manage to be surprised by flickr about half the time I use it. I’d definitely suggest imgur.

Jay thank you but we cant understand half what youve said there either :frowning:

Thanks Avi. If you cant use it we have no chance.

Jetstream, if you follow the instructions in the video, and then copy the text from IMGUR using the “HTML Image (websites/blogs)” option, you can then paste that into your post on LB and the image(s) will show.

We still cant edit posts on a phone. Wanted to add that imgur may allow one to upload photos but how? This is how basic our problem is. There are no instructions

Is it times like this when kids would be useful???

Can you get images uploaded to imgur, even if no then on to the forum? I’ve no idea how well that works from a phone.

You upload the photos to IMGUR first, get the embed code mentioned in my last post, and then come to LB, and paste the embed code into your LB post.

If you want to add the photos to an existing LB post then you need to edit your post. To do this first make sure you are signed-in to LB, and then when viewing your post, click on the ‘Edit post’ link at the top of your post. You can then paste the embed code into your existing post and click ‘Save Changes’.

Editing works on mobile, you just have to be signed-in first. The edit link is highlighted in yellow as an example below:

Here’s what you do:

  1. goto and click on the blue upload images button at the top of the screen:
  2. you will then be presented with this:
  3. Now you have 4 ways of choosing the picture to upload:
    Click on the first quadrant to choose a picture from your computer (normal operating system file chooser)
    Enter the URL of the image (you probably don’t need to use this option)
    Drag the picture file onto the third quadrant
    Press Ctrl-V if you have got the image copied onto your clipboard
  4. Having performed one of these actions you will see:
  5. Click on the Start Upload button and you’re away

Thanks Jay and Unforgiven (you must be Forgiven now after being so helpful) we’ll have a go at that when we get a bit of spare time.

I’ve used this site (below) a couple of times. It’s very basic, but also very simple to use.

Click “Browse”, select your photos, and then press “Upload it”. That’s it.
It’ll give you a bunch of links to the image(s) you’ve uploaded. You’d normally use either the first or the second link (depending on personal preference and where you want to share it).

We aim to please :slight_smile: Good luck.

Thanks all, we`ll have a go.


Excellent! Though that’s the wrong bike :slight_smile:

Thats the bike we took on holiday with Chriss luggage for ten days.

Just joined emgur, see if it works

haha!! nice tutorial Jay

We love you Slacker, we doo …

Happy to help, as long as it leads to more bike porn.