Help on restoring a Honda CD200! Anything is welcome

Hello, guys! I will be restoring this Honda cd200 1979 as my personal pet project.

I would like to restore it back to show room condition. How can you help? I don’t know anything in the subject so,

-I need to re-chrome some bits but don’t know, where?

-I need to restore the whells, where?

-Buy new/used original spares

-Power coating the chassis/other bits


Anyone has done something similar before? The mechanics is in perfect road condition. It has all the manuals, first registration, full service history etc. one owner before me and was parked for over 20 years. The owner just use to take it out once a year to a garage to service. Any help welcome, thanks guys!


nice project cezar, mike at M9performance should be able to help you out on the chroming/powder coating front also his painter is fantastic (check out the paint on his ZX9R hes always at the ace, a possibility for wheels is HAGON you can find there no. in the back of mcn etc, the refureb/rebuild all types of wheel, did a great job on a bent NC30 wheel for me a while back… last but not least, dave silva spares buys loads of stock from closing/bankrupt shops so may have loads of bits…

Cezar, I did up a Norton with a mate many years back. Spent 2 years at it and we had everything apart, including all the engine. We used a shop called Alec Jay in Woking to get our stuff done through, but, the shop is there but its not run by Alec anymore. I wish you all the best for the project, its making me want to retrieve and get on with the VFR even more now.

Thanks MAT , I will check it out ! Chuffster a VFR or NC30 would be my dream project but I got this baby for free from a neighbor so, I cant say no! One owner, full service, plus all the manuals with it! I’m exitede and in no hurry!

Thanks guys

“Chuffster a VFR or NC30 would be my dream project”

My current project.

Nice one Snap! After I finish with the CD200 I will look into a NC30 for sure. If I survive this one, lol