side lights

got a GSXR750 and i cant get my tail lights to work i have checked fuses but all ok is there more than one fuse box on the bike i looked but could not see one .anyone got any ideas

all working now thank god thanks all for ur help

You don’t need them legally and it’s probably the bulb or holder. If it was the fuse you would have no indicators.

if i dont have rear lights at night i will get done by the cops and ill get hit up the arse cos i had no lights .i do have brake lights only

Side lights are a different thing to a rear light.

Do the rear lights come on with the main beam?

Checked it’s not one of the filaments in the bulbs have blown?

If not do you have a live going to the bulbs?

If not is it live at the switch?

If not live at the fusebox both sides of the fuse?