HELP....NEWBIE with (nearly) NEW CBR 600rr....with problems

Hello all, this wasn’t what i was expecting to put as my first post on the site, but if you’ve just made a tea or just have a spare 5 minutes please sit down and have a read through my current nightmare…

I have just brought a CBR600RR (on saturday) and have had the best weekend I can remember but that’s where the fun stops. I brought the bike off a friend and was told the battery was running low but couldn’t get a new one straight away. Anyway after a cheeky after work ride on Monday i went to fill up, as i’ve come back to the bike to ride home it wouldn’t start, this was the beginning of my ongoing nightmare. Luckily my friend had got a years hondacare with the last service and so i called them out, in between this happening I also asked a mate to come down and see if he could give me a charge through his car battery (probably not the best idea, but I was in a desperate state), this didn’t work and although it seemed to give it a little something it ended up setting the alarm off when i tried to start it up. Anyway the alarm was going off (but more of an on/off beep rather than full siren) and it stayed this way until the breakdown man came, to my surprise he was a general AA man and not a bike specialist, anyway he tried charging the battery with his protable charger but it wasn’t having it, the bike would turn over but the alarm was now going off (full siren). He tried looking on his on-board computer, which had the same information i’ve got in my user guide (basically fk all) and as the remote wasn’t linking up with the bike it was a waste of time, tried to do the standard reset but nothing happened. He then got through to tech support who suggested charging from the van direct, this didn’t have an immediate effect but seemed to do the trick in as much as the alarm stopped going off after about 10 minutes, this was well over an hour since he’d arrived and luckily (for him) he had ear protectors, while mine had been free to soak up the excrutiatingly loud, piercing sound that only an alarm with no cover (as we’d removed the rear seat cowl) could do. Eventually we put the bike back together again i.e. tail fairing, seat cowl and lastly the main seat and the fuing alarm went off again, i realised the sensor placed under the seat was doing it and removed it, which worked and the alarm stopped and the bike was running (and in danger of overheating as the tech man had told us to leave it running for 20 minutes to try and time out the alarm, anyway I was happy (sort of) and the AA man did a runner as he was clearly expecting the thing to go off again. I managed to ride the bike home for another half hour with no problems and no alarm. I was going to say to cut a long story short but i realise this has turned into some kind of novel so i’m just going to carry on…

I went to work the next day (by car) and went home for lunch to see what was going on with the bike, it started and so i got on it (thinking the battery was fully charged as before if the bike was left overnight i’d had to charge it from the mains for at least an hour) and took it back to work, when i left for the day i went to start it, after a couple of tries (it seemed the battery had gone flat again) it fired up but the alarm went off with the same on/off beep it had done when the battery first went flat. I left work and rode the bike home with the alarm going off intermittently and the hazards doing there thing!

That was yesterday and I fitted a new battery when i got home with the alarm still going off but stopped once the bike had been left for a few seconds, I left the bike for 24 hours, again the alarm wasn’t going off but the remote won’t link and any attempt at moving the bike or reattaching the sensor sets it off again. All the dealers i have phoned for help have said they got a 4-6 week waiting list and I just can’t wait that long.

I was told the above, i.e. ‘maybe the battery needed a full 24 hour charge and this might recharge the internal alarm battery’ but as soon as I put the sensor back in place the alarm sounded.

If you have read the above (I appreciate itl) and if you’ve got any tips I’d appreciate it even more, i am ready to try (nearly) anything! I just want to ride my bike!!!

I appreciate people might not want to give info to a NEWBIE on alarm issues on the site but trust me this was the last resort and i really am desperate for any kind of help.


Hey Jetsream did you find your marble in the end?

I would check the reg,rec:

HO yer Welcome to LB:D

? What ? :smiley:

I had a similar issue with my alarm when my battery died…it was emitting intermittent beeps and nothing I did could stop it. It turned out to be a flat battery and it all stopped once i fully charged it.

in your case, however, it does look like there is a separate issue with the alarm…

I don’t want to count my chickens e.t.c. but the alarm seems to be back on track and responding to the remote so I’m just gonna leave it overnight, make sure the batterys fully charged and check it in the morning…


Did you charge the new battery before putting in?
Leave it on charge for 12 hours, and see if it’s still the same.

Maybe ask the friend you bought it from if he has ever had the same problem…?

…and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome sorry about your bike hope you fix it soon