Help needed

'98 CBR 600 cards not injection

Got it running just but have a fuel leak from one of the pipes that connect via a plastic pipe. The bike runs lumpy and only with the choke open, if I close it or apply the throttle it cuts out.

Any ideas?

May have to buy new carbs but would rather not.

Have you had the bowls off the carbs PJ?

It’s worth checking the float heights while you’re at it.

Have you got a manual mate? Is it a steely frame CBR6?

Is it a perished fuel line running into the carburretors from the tank - or is it a perished/cracked Inlet stub?

You’l have crap in the float needle causing the float bowl to overfill, drop the bowls off and clean em out.
If this is the bike you said has bin standing for some time sticky residue is probably gunking everything up and the carbs will need stripping , cleaning and blowing through with compressed air. should be no need to split em tho.

im gonna go with phucked diaphrams…;).

happend on the slingshot…


becareful of flooding on these semi downdraft carbs , if they flood to long they can fill up your crankcase with petrol …

check the oil level just incase

it happened on a friend of mines ZX and we empted nearly 2 gallons out of the sump …so beware

Thanks for your responces guys.

OK i have stripped the carbs down and cleaned out the float bowls, Blown through the pipes and checked the pipes for leaks… nothing.

Chunkey yes it is a steal framed version.

Personally it seemed like it was flooding by the sound that was coming from the exhaust, maybe the float bowls are over filling, is this common?

There are 2 plastic pipes that come out the back of the carbs that are connected by rubber hoses, its from the left bank pipe that the fuel is leaking from.

When running on the choke its lumpy, as soon as you apply the throttle it dies, same as when you push the choke back in.

May have to take it to a mechanic to look at but would rather fix it myself.


Check the float heights - easy job to do.

If you have too much fuel in the float bowls it’ll run terribly - and like has been mentioned - you can fill the combustion chambers with fuel.This can lock the motor solid, and if you try to start it can ruin rods, crank, mains… all sorts of expensive stuff.

Check the float heights PJ

Will do guys thanks again.

Floats could be sticking, give the float bowl a tap when running.

Or if ya saying runs lumpy check all the jets etc might be clogged up.