help needed with selling bike and problem with eBay!?

Hi all, trying to sell my beloved SV … other than this site, and, is there anywhere else good to advertise? Any experience with Loot or biketrader or MCN? Based london if helps and ad is in the for sale section of this site.

ps: put ad on Ebay last night and was informed by them this morning that under clause 8, my ad had been suspended and that i was not allowed to use Ebay in anyway again??? Shocked Trying to find out why???

Thanks in advance, James

Clause 8 means that you’ve copied a picture or description from another item to sell your item. If this was accidental, get in touch and they may reconsider, as e-bay is probably the best way of getting the largest number of people to see your bike.

Cheers Johny, its strange, all my details are legit and i haven’t copied anyone! Tried to pursue with them, but is quite complicated… thanks

MCN Bikemart section would be a good idea. There are some SV forums as well. You could get a dealer to try and sell it for you as well, yep, they take commision but its one way to get shot of a bike if you are not trading it in. Work notice boards are sometimes good places as well. A post up on the advertising boards at Biker haunts such as boxhill may also get a result.

Thanks… I have had to fax eBay all my details and proof that the bike is mine! Will report back…

Hi James,
This could be a mistake on e-bays part:
A lot of China based con men are copying legit bike sales on ebay and pretending to sell them from China!!! I found one when I was checking out an MV Tamburini (well we can all dream) only to find the same bike picture and bike advertised after the auction had finished but with a Chinese owner and some guys were bidding on it!!! watch out for this it stinks :o)

Hope that was fairly clear :o)

I advertised my daytona t595 on ebay and was a bit disappointed it was immaculate and all I got was a load of people watching and not buying the reserve was really low though I think it was cos it was jan feb time… just after xmas and no one has any spare cash… thats why i was selling it :o) I sold it through my local bike shop in the end he only wanted 200 quid and took a finance deal to sell it in the end… worth considering… also I did not have all the arse ache of tyre kickers and dreamers.

Also watch out for canvasers, I advertised in Bike mart as well and all I got were these tits who said they had buyers waiting and if I gave them 70 quid they would line them up and offer them finance as well… nice scam :o)

good luck m8