Help Needed Sunday 20th June

With TDJs Mega Sore Butt Ride returning on the 20th (Suzuki Day) negotiations between myself, TDJ and Mark Wilsmore from the Ace Cafe went ahead. It was agreed that the Ace Cafe would dedicate Sunday 20th to fund raising for LAA so I have been arranging for some time that LAA have a stand there too.

Due to staff changes within LAA and only just getting confirmation of arrangements for Sunday I have to call on our lovely members here for some help. :smiley:

I won’t be around on Sunday as I’m off to join TDJ from Thursday heading for the RBLR1000 and will return with him Sunday afternoon to the Ace.

I am desperate for some help setting up and manning the stand on behalf of LAA at the Ace Sunday. I need someone reliable who could be there all day and others who could spare an hour or two helping them or walking around shaking a bucket. I will be able to pack up and sort the rest once I’m back.

If you could spare us some time please post up here and I’ll send you more details via pm. Time is not on my side to sort this, so pleaseeeee let me know asap.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Helpers :w00t:

RoadRunner - Main contact, setting up.
JC - Later in the day
Julie - Later in the day
Rioting Rob

I would love to come and help out and welcome Mark back but we will be on our bicycle ride to Brighton!!! Hope its a nice day and that you get lots of helpers :slight_smile:

I should be there Sunday and would be happy to rattle a bucket for a very good cause.

If I can get back from my god daughters christening early then I will gladly help out

Any other day I would of but I too will be cycling to Brighton

Thank you, I’ll add you and JC.

Roadrunner will be your main contact there, he has kindly offered to set up and man it all day but the more offers of help will be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Well done RR. :slight_smile:

Tiggi and Curtis I know you would help, I hope you have a great day and wish you both good luck doing it…it knackers me out just thinking about it :smiley:

I know it’s a last minute cry for help and too late for some people to change their plans but thank you for the pm’s xx

Put Mrs J down for a quick shake at lunchtime;)

hey just saw this, im off to the moto GP so will miss it otherwise i would try fill another bucket, i have got a spare weekend ticket i got for free and will auction this off on here and give the proceeds to marks cause!


Thats jolly decent of you Rixxy.

Unfortunately i too will be using pedal power on sunday down to Brighton with Tigs and Curtis, but i am sure it will be all taken care of by the good folks of LB.

I can help;) just tell me what you want me to do;):slight_smile:

Thanks Rob, pm sent.

If I’m not in Silverstone, I will be there. I’ll call RR on Saturday once I know. x