Help Needed Please!

My trouble and strife (Angel), has decided to get back on 2 wheels after a 6 month break.

She has decided that she wants to buy a 125 for a month or two, then do an A2 or DA course and buy a 600.

The bike she wants to get, is an Aprilia RS125 (chav machine), like her last bike, which gave us nothing but problems.

I have recommended a CBR\NSR 125. Which is the better bike? RS125 or CBR\NSR125?

I have also suggested to her perhaps she should just do the A2 or DA straight away, and if she wants to ride a 125 for a month or two,

to just hire one and go for the test when she is ready.

Any advice? Answers on a postcard please…

If she wants to ultimately ride a bigger bike then my advice would be to DAS straight away, no point in buying a 125 for a month or two then moving up to a 600

Hey dude! Thing is if you’re going to get a 125 stroker then it is getting a good 'un that’s been looked after. And if you’re looking at the Aprilla there’s the Mito too of course- I’m sure someone on here had one.

Depends on budget too-

But I’d say if you’ve had your hands burnt with 2 strokes before go with the CBR if she wants a snazzy learner ride- there’s quite a few on the forum as Honda has done the job of making it appealing to all…

Hiring a bike will be costly so if she wants to practice perhaps just buy a cheap cg125 or simialr and then go straight for the unrestricted license - cheaper, easy to look after andnot as glamourous but there again is an incentive to dump the L plates quicker and go for a big bike…

If you’re not buying new then buying a 125 stroker is complete pot luck, you may get a well looked after one, but the odds are that it’ll have been owned by a penniless teenager, it won’t have been maintained correctly & will have been victim of a number of great ‘tuning’ experiments that have in reality just screwed up the mixture if you’re lucky or the ports if you’re not…

Much as it hurts me to say this ('cos I love strokers ) I’d recommend getting a basic 4-stroke bike like a CG125 for a few hundred quid, so long as you don’t wreck it you’ll at least get your money back in a couple of months time when she’s done her DAS.

Reading between the lines I’d say it’s a bit of a confidence thing after a lay off & she just want’s to ride about for a bit to get rid of the cobwebs rather than hop straight onto a bigger bike for the DAS.

Mind you, didn’t I read on here that she’s due to drop in a few months time ? In which case I’d have thought the bent over riding position of a 125 sports bike wouldn’t be even vaguely comfortable ?

Yea she was about to drop in 3 months but unfortunately due to complications she’s not anymore and feels she needs to get back on the road asap, i think as a means of escape and to take her mind off of it.

Sorry to hear that mate.

cheers MacP, only found out on Thursday, hence why I missed the France trip, hopefully we will be on the next one, side by side.

No no no!!! Not an aprilia!!! I’m going to sell my bike very soon so if you convince Angel to get a CBR125R then PM me. I’ll be sad to part with her but it’s time to get me a bigger bike

Goose just read a bit further down - I’m so sorry to hear the news. Please pass on my love to her.

will do, i think she wants the aprilia so she can go down to chatham town centre and hang out with the local chavs drinking white lightning

Bats in Biggin Hill had a few second hand Aprilias last time I was there but I find Bats quite pricey but great place to go just to sit on the bikes to get a feel for them. I went there with the intention of getting an Aprilia but quickly changed my mind.

Got this nice 125 for sale 1999 mint only 2k on the clock.

thats a beauty, but shes a sportsbike rider at heart, even if it is only gonna be a 125, think shes gonna just do the DA now.

Wise move

DAS is the way to go. No point wasting money on a 125 if you are going to go for a bigger bike anyhow.

Goose & Angel, so sorry to hear about your loss.

As for the bike thing, I’d say just go for DAS.

Sorry to hear mate

Just heard…Yeah its best to get her doing something that will give her a release

If she’s been riding for a little while (and if she drives that’ll help too)…Then definitely she should go for the DAS course…Its not very difficult and she can get through it.

How tall is she?

I would actually recommend that you buy her a 400…Kawasaki ZXR 400 was the best sports 400 and was officially imported into the UK until 2003 so you can pick up a good recent example.

Fit some crash mushrooms…Then take her as pillion to that secluded spot that you guys do wheelies.

Get her to do manouveres and ride up and down…teach her wheelies

It’ll be an incentive to work to and pass the test.

Maybe hire a 125 from to let her go off on her own and ride around…Maybe go out with a mentor off here during the time she has it.

She’ll be made up when she passes.

Just a few ideas

yeh ive suggested she hires a 125 for a month or so, shes already done rolling endos on her old RS125, shes puttin me to shame, even if it was by accident.

Funny enough, she wants to be a freestyle stunter, ive also suggested the ZX400, as well as a SV650.

Thanks for the advice peeps