Help needed organising a Top Gear Type Challenge

So this july we are going to be give a very generous amount of money by our company to do something we want with so have all been trying to think of soemthing.

Someone suggested a top gear challenge which I thought was great

basically 12 blokes, 6 drivers licence’s… We need it to be a challenge though but different from 1st person there. if poss we want to avoid public transport and has to stay close as it will start either on a friday night sat morning and have to be back at work on monday…

So what can you suggest

a game of soggy biscuit?

lol, first reply too. fine work ad.

6 guys drive the north circular, the other 6 cycle as close to the crow flies point to point.

top gear meets scrap heap challenge etc

to design a method of transporting a certain item ( pint of water/fresh egg etc) over a distance blah blah using certain items

See who gets furthest away from the office by Sunday lunchtime (only counts if they’re back in on Monday)

the see who gets furthest one is good… maybe do it in pairs…
but that game is usually fun if its on a budget - sounds like you want ways to use a bigger budget?..

Powersports olumpics…
Paintballing, quadbiking, dirtbike racing, dune buggy racing etc etc… claypigeon shooting etc…
All ranked and prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd…
There are some comanies that do all activities and will host it…

(Prizes could be dished out in the form of lapdances at an evening venue of your choice chosen to “relax” at in the evening after such a stressful; day!)

Quite like the ones in top gear when they had to buy a vehicle for x and then have y to do it up or do challenges.

If the budget is OK, then have two teams, each one buys any vehicle for x amount. Then each team dream up challenges, say 6 in all, 3 each side. The challenges are set before you know what the other team knows what the other team has bought, so if your team bought a bike then you could have a commute challenge, but the other team might have an off-road one… Maybe the CEO can think up the last challenge as a decider (say use all money left over to tart it up, etc)

The vehicles would have to be bought before obviously.