Help needed - Alarm removal

I need to remove the alarm from my SV before it goes for salvage, but I haven’t a clue what to do…

If anybody could give a hand I’d appreciate it, the bike is in a bodyshop at Colnebrook (J14 M25) and I need to get it by Friday lunchtime.

Really apprechiate some help, otherwise I’ll lose the alarm


Get the wiring diagram for your bike.

Unwrap the loom where the wires from the alarm splice, look up the wire on the diagram and mark the wire so you know what it is later (tape around the wire and write on it) as many alarms are all black wires.

If there are any cuts in the loom then if you need join them up again properly.

If its a datatool you may need to open it up to disconnect the internal battery otherwise it will start sounding when you remove it from the bike battery or put it in service mode but you will hear it chirp.

I thought you said the bike was going to be repaired?

No it’s been written off. I’ve spoken to Squidster who is going to try and get over tomorrow, but it looks unlikely. If the bike was in my garage I’d have a go at taking it out, but it’s at the repair place so I need somebody who knows what they are doing really…


charlys the man…

What make of alarm is it?

Yeah…if its a Spyball just pull really hard…thats what I did with mine and it all came off really,really easily

Datatool System 3…


Sounds like a job for Sickpup.