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Help need - on it like white on rice


I need help, been set a challenge.

I have said things like “on it like white on rice” or “on it like a car bonnet” now I need to do it for the next 10 days.

I need some sayings which are basically me saying I’m working on it, but like above. Can be clean dirty or anything in between but I need to to state I’m working on it.

I know @Panagiotis will probably have an unhealthy amount of input in this one…

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yeh I’d probably just DM @Panagiotis :joy:

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On it like a fly on shit?
On it like a fat kid on cake?
On it like a prostitute on a Saturday night?
On it like a Dalek on a dustbin?
On it like a flee on a dog
On it like Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball
On it like steaks on a lady Gaga dress
On it like Cummings on a barnard castle eye test
On it like Stallone on HGH
On it like a Russian Olympian on performance enhancing drugs
On it like Monica on Bill’s cigar

Country themed?

On it like the French on baguette
On it like the Welsh on sheep
On it like an Italian on pasta
On it like Americans on freedom
On it like an Aussie shrimp on the Barbie
On it like a Mexican on chilli
On it like a Spanish bull on red knickers

Your mum?
On like me on your mum last night
On like your mum on a tub of ice-cream

LB themed?
On it like @me_groovy on a perfectly working bike
On it like @Serrisan on a motorbike in 2009
On it like @kylejm on a new motorbike in 2029
On it like @Jay on the dark theme bug


Other not “on it” options
The bun is in the oven
The eagle is preparing for landing
The train has left the station
It’s in the post
Does the bear shit in the woods?

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Really inappropriate

On it like an altar boy


On a priest

On it like a pedo


On a swing

On it like a necrophiliac


In a morgue

On it like breast cancer


On Sarah Harding

On it like Jaws on a group of swimming kindergartners.

On it like @Panagiotis on a pun


Like a tramp on a tenner

Like @me_groovy on an eBay project bike

Sorry… Couldn’t resist…


Coming down your way for a new one in the morning as it happens.

Also, bite me.

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