Help !!!!!!!!! need lift to the ace!!!!!!!!

is there anybody pasing my place (chiswick rondabout) today in a car
who is going to the ace cant ride brocken sholder and ribs and i am not to keen
on public transport. they keep blowing up !!!

you can call me on 07985535589

wish we all had people like that


Hrm, normally I’d offer a lift on my bike, but it aint happening this week, I’m on the back-up ride, which isn’t pillion friendly, sorry fella.

Freinds that can pick us up and take us to places. Im unable to ride my bike at the moment too, so its public transport for me.


Sadly im in South london. Thanks anyway.
Are you the one that had the red ZRX that had a mashed up crank case cover & got the SV1000 on loan?

no worrys
thanks anway

Am heading there around 8-8.30pm on my Vespa, so if you want to travel in style, you’re welcome to sit pillion!

that is cool
thank you
on the rounbdabout ???

You’re actually going to turn up at the Ace, riding pillion on a Vespa with a girl?

Don’t forget to wear full leathers!

Guys, cameras at the ready!

What’s Chiswick Roundabout? Is that the one underneath the M4, joining Chiswick High Road (A315) with the Gunnersbury Avenue (A406)?

dont you worry i’am cool !!!

chiswick r. is the one with the peugot garage on the 406

??? That would have called for observation skills from my part… Oops…

I think we’re talking about the same thing, then, because I normally come from the Chiswick High Road and there’s definitely a garage there. Pick you up from kerbside on the Chiswick High Road (so before the roundabout) around 8.30pm? That good for you? Big silver Vespa (not one of those dinky toy ones), I’m a red riding hood (red jacket).

PM me your phone number.