help me

im still at work, started at 8am, need to baby sit the note taker from my meeting.

so while she types I will sit here eating my crunchie.

tell me something that will cheer me up. perhaps nice weather on the way this weekend?

or a knock knock joke, tell me one of those.

What do you get if you stand 3 blondes on there heads???

atleast two brunettes

Ah, poor you, but why do you have to babysit her or him, can’t they type? Or do you act as eye candy? If the latter you can come over and keep me company, sitting off another 30 mins.

tell me

am going now, why dont you all get ya asses on gabbly?

Here do this personality test

andrea, the minute taker, so called anyway, she needs well, motivating is the word…being here until she finishes on a fri night isn’t bad motivation to get going!

im in westminster, and it is so grey, so so boring and grey. especially at this time of night.

Technically, probably too advanced for me. won’t be able to work the ins and outs until I have to leave and then forget what it was all about by Monday. Am not even blonde!!!

Meeks, at least you have crunchie, I am all out of goodies and 20 mins to go.

i am an ass****

Would leaving her up to it not be motivation enough? I know, am on the Strand and its grey here too.

tehehe, that’s the point , we all come out as that .

she’s from an agency, I suspect she would leave and do them at weekend. agreement was notes would go out Monday next week.

are you in legal andrea?

Well shes not ILLEGAL thats for sure…(hee hee)

Flats? Not in my case it aint !! PMSL, try this I am Wesly Crusher, whoever that is??? Would’ve rather been Mr Spock, disappointing.

Eak, no, everybody I know apart from Storm in a t-cup hate working for lawyers. Education. I tell myself all the young people here keep me young, though the best time of year is the summer when they are not here

hello there, according to my passport I am legal, but that feels boring right now.

, oh dear that will get the flatster thinking now.

Samwise Gamgee

better than Wesley whatever his face, not very adventurous then?

Blade who are you?

she’s still typing, ever so slowly.

Prove it