Help me spread the word about a killer + my 'tash

Hello LB,
I have to say that since joining LB I a proud to say that my fundraising efforts have increased - bikers give.
(so be proud of yourselves as well)

Unfortunately, I haven’t put myself out too much and the last thing I did was a kind of challenge from Terry-moto to get both ears pierced - which I accepted and enjoy to this day; not much of a fundraising effort I know, but it made a little difference to a grand total raised last year.

This year I have been taking part in Movember - a month of moustache growing to raise awareness about something that kills one man every hour in the UK - Prostate Cancer.

If anyone feels like helping out, I would very much welcome donations towards the continued Mo that I am currently sporting:

Please visit my ‘Mo-space’ and donate. Every little helps! :wink: -

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.

Cheers chaps & chapesses!

'ang on a minute, are you claiming to be Brendan Flowers? :smiley:

Good luck with the fund raising.


Did you not fancy joining team LB then G ?

Already donated to team LB

Didn’t know about it mate!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to partake in LondonBikers-based moustachery, but would be a proud head of the BCN/ LB Mo-massive!

f$ck me Garret, your right eye looks like its checking your left eyebrow’s not gone down for a drink :smiley:

:w00t:Not sure who looks the scariest here, Terry or Garret:w00t:

I can’t see anything wrong with my right eye? You do know I have a glass left eye though, don’t you?


You both may dontate! :wink:

Course I did Mate…Smiled mentioned it, He recons thats why you have a prob with bends, personally I think your ridings improved since you got your new bike ;):slight_smile:

Mines coming along slowly;)



Good effort that man , mine has also slowed now !

I like the silver tips Peej!