Help me polish my shiny black helmet


Help please. I’ve managed to get some fairly deep scratches on my very new arai. The helmet is black but the scratches are deeper than the lacquer and hence white. Does anyone have any tips for fixing it? Tried the black marker pen - it’s ok but not great. Is there a method of “filling” deep scratches and restoring the colour finish?


And apologies to anyone expecting a much saucier post after reading the title. I’ll try much harder (fnarr again) next time.

You could try colour fill in black, its a carpentry product i use for the edges on worktops. Most kitchen places should stock it. Howdens do stock it and they are everywhere but you will have to pretend to be trade or they won’t serve you.

not sure about black marker pen mate. could damage the helmet? I know stickers can cause damage or so I was told many moons ago